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Standing Up to Serve - Swoboda for Minnesota

"A good citizen should take his stand where the public authority marshals him."

- Thomas Jefferson

I am a proud Father, a manufacturing engineer, and leader in our community. I currently serve on the Board of Trustees at Gateway Christian Church, and as a Den Leader for Pack 9095 in South St. Paul. For over a decade I have been engaged at the local level, promoting the ideals of Faith, Family, and Freedom. Now I hope to earn your support to fight for you at the Capitol. We need to find solutions, not excuses.

As a manufacturing engineer, my job demands finding innovative solutions to tough problems. Over the past 2 years our businesses have been shuttered, manufacturing has moved overseas, and good paying jobs have moved out of state. All while we are paying more in taxes than any of our neighboring states. It’s time to put Minnesota First. We need solutions; eliminating taxes, slashing regulations, and fighting to keep our money in Minnesota.

Being a political outsider and a problem solver, I am committed to finding solutions to restore responsible Government in St. Paul by advocating for policies that promote life and liberty, and ensure a competitive market place for businesses and families.

Today we have become numb to the idea of politicians lying. In the eyes of many, they simply continue to make empty promises. Too many of them care more about advancing their own political careers, and expanding their powers rather than representing those who elected them. Below is some information on where I stand on the issues

As your Republican candidate for State House District 53B, I humbly ask for your support in the November election.


Steven Swoboda

Candidate 53B

Public Safety

Catalytic converters, car jackings, garage thefts, public shootings, and riots in the streets should not be the new normal. Our children deserve safe streets to play in, and safe schools to learn. 

  • More law enforcement officers

  • Tougher sentences for violent crime

  • Judges who uphold sentences

  • Remove laws that put officers in harm's way


We need School Choice NOW. Empowering parents to choose excellence for their children. We can either be leaders in education or fall victim to the system. I think it is high time we break the cycle of our dysfunctional schools, and put parents back in charge of their children's education. 

  • PASS School Choice

  • Higher Standards of Achievement (K-12)

  • More transfer credits to Higher Education (CIS, AP, PSEO)

  • Improve School Safety


Life and Liberty

I promise to stand up for our God-given rights, and I will do all I possibly can to protect Minnesotans from the infringement of those rights. Life is precious. The MN legislature needs to define when life begins and then protect and defend innocent life. 

  • PASS the Heartbeat Bill 

  • PASS Food Freedom

  • PASS Crypto Freedom

  • Repeal Burdensome License Requirements 

Slashing Taxes

We need to pass immediate tax relief for Minnesotans with the Give It Back Act, which will return over $4,000 back into the pockets of MN taxpayers. But we won’t stop there, we need permanent tax relief for everyday Minnesotans and business owners. 

  • Eliminate the MN Social Security Income Tax

  • Eliminate MN Gas Tax

  • PASS the Give it Back Act!

  • Increase Worker Pay by Reducing/Eliminating MN Income Tax

  • Reduce/Eliminate Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees 

Second Amendment 

Not only will I push to pass constitutional carry and castle doctrine, but we need to change the perception of guns. This can only happen through our community. With more gun owners in our state than ever, we need to focus on how to educate gun owners and promote our right to bear arms, not just preserve it. 

  • PASS Constitutional Carry

  • Repeal Handgun Qualifications License Requirements 

  • PASS the Second Amendment Protection Act

  • PASS Castle Doctrine (Stand your Ground) 

Transparency & Accountability

Being a legislator is about public service not making a career. If elected, I promise to pass legislation that requires proof of residency for candidates, ensure legislation that bans legislators from being paid by lobbyists, and fight to pass term limits. 

  • PASS Term Limits
  • Oath to Constitution

  • No one is above the law

  • ENFORCE Lobbyist BAN


Steven Swoboda - State House Candidate District 53B;

Including the cities of South St. Paul, Newport, St. Paul Park, Inver Grove Heights, Cottage Grove, and Grey Cloud Island Township.