International Manufacturing Trade Show - IMTS

It has been amazing to see some of the developments being made at the International Manufacturing Trade Show (IMTS) in Chicago these past few days.
For those of you who do not know, IMTS is like the World's Fair when it comes to new technology in the manufacturing world.

They showcase some of the most innovative designs, and developments in technology; creating new tools that help solve manufacturing challenges and improve efficiency.

As a manufacturing engineer, my job demands finding those innovative solutions to tough problems. Unfortunately over the past 2 yrs our businesses have been shuttered, manufacturing has moved overseas, and good paying jobs have moved out of state. All while we are paying more in taxes than any of our neighboring states. It’s time to put Minnesota First. We need solutions, and while these amazing new discoveries, and technologies will completely advance their respective fields, the Government still remains the largest roadblock to success.

As your next state Representative I promise to put Minnesota First. I will fight to slash taxes and regulations on small business owners, and fight to keep and attract great innovators to our state. Not with bailouts, or tax breaks to fortune 500’s but by creating an equal playing field. That happens when starting your own business becomes easier than indebting yourself to our Government.